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Our company has been into the garment business for decades. Over the years we have seen various trends come and go. However, of all the brands we have seen. Disney is one that makes a lasting impression on all age groups alike.This is the main reason why we decided to take up manufacturing merchandise for this brand. What started as a fan’s collectionslowly grew into a regular collection of Disney merchandise that was available all year around.

To top it all, Disney would come up with its edition for various festivals and the holidays. This is the season where sales are high and demands are varied. Hence we stepped into the personalized T-shirts’ department too.Our T-shirts are very good quality and long lasting. The material is blended in such a way that it gives you a good fit and does not make you itch or sweat when worn for a long time. Thismakes us one of the leading manufacturers of such Tee shirts.Apart from Disney’s merchandise, we print other Tee shirts too. We can personalize to your needs and print messages to personalize the garment.

Just give us the size, color and message and we can make your message come alive on the outfit.If you are looking for different materials, we have a few choices there too. You can select what type of a material you want, based on your budget and usage and we would be very happy to manufacture them for you.There are no limitations on the messages you can sport on your outfit. They can be about what you like, what you support or just about you. It is a personal style and we are here to bring it out and showcase it to the world in the best manner possible.

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