Urban Mover UM36SX Electric Bike Review

Urban Mover UM36SX Electric Bike Review

Urban Mover’s Line of Electrically-Assisted Bikes was founded back in the year 2000. Since then Urban Mover has become one of the most trusted manufacturers in the UK electric bike industry. The brand has a good reputation for producing quality electric-assisted bikes with lightweight batteries and overall quality.

Today, the Urban Mover brand produces a comprehensive range of electrically powered products including standard and premium electric bikes, electric scooters, and an exotic-sounding electric ‘power board’ (think electric powered skateboard). The model we are looking at in this review is the ‘Urban Mover UM36SX’. Its position in the premium class, but does it really live up to this billing?.

Urban Mover UM36SX Electric Bike Features

A quick look at the UM36SX’s specs proves impressive. Here are the specifications/features of the product:

* Motor: 250w high-efficiency brushless 37v
* Battery: Advanced Panasonic Lithium Polymer 9Ah 37V
* Assisted Range: 9Ah battery up to 50km (30+ miles)
* Maximum Speed: 15.5mph under power
* Weight: Bike with battery and all accessories 21kg
* Charger: Lithium 120 to 240V/36V
* Gears: Shimano Altus derailleur with 7-speed range
* Brakes: Alloy caliper back and front
* Tyres: Kenda 26” x 1.95 puncture resistant
* Frame: Advanced MTB Design, Matt White or Black Paint
* Includes: Bell, Stand, Sport Style Mudguards, Sprung Saddle Post

Urban Mover UM36SX Electric Bike

Available in silk black and arctic white colors, the Urban Mover UM36 SX electric bike has a durable mountain bike style frame that weighs in a lightweight 21kg. This coupled with the high torque Panasonic lithium battery proves a compelling combination. The UM36 SX feels well balanced in regards to the frame weight and overall power of the battery and this bike would effortlessly get you to work and back on the daily commute. Those who need the extra torque when using towpaths or country trails will also find that the Urban Mover has what it takes.

It is said that compared to its predecessors, the Urban Mover UM36 SX electric bike has three times the range on a single charge of the battery. We are not sure if this true but this model did offer impressive range. One nice touch of the battery is the fact that its uses a brushless motor, so eliminating maintenance and maximize electrical efficiency.

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The 15 mph top speed from the 250watt electric motor is the legal limit in the UK and feels more than adequate if you need to arrive somewhere quickly, without breaking a sweat.

In the same vein, the bikes seven-speed gear configuration, front/seat suspension and adjustable assisted power options all mean that tackling tough off-road trips should not prove a problem.

Conclusion: Is the Urban Mover UM36SX Electric Bike an Ideal Model to Have?

Considering all the features included with the Urban Mover UM36 SX electric bike, there’s no doubt that it is one of the best models of its kind around. The speed, frame, range and durable mountain bike styling all add up to one desirable bike. If you are looking for a good looking, highly spec’d British electric bike, the Urban Mover UM36 SX is well worth a closer look.